Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our day out.

Babe Luyi buzzed me up at around 11 a.m. on Tuesday, wanted to go out.
But man I was so lazy to get up from the bed and eventually fell asleep till I got another call from her telling me that she and Cyrus were on their way heading to my place.
I bounced up and rushed to the bathroom and dressed up in like 20 minutes?
Then I quickly rush downstairs and grab some food and bumped into their cab.
Forget about the make-ups cause I had already made them wait for me, which is so not nice and I felt very sorry for them to wait moreover this is my first outing with Luyi.
** YIKES **

We headed straight away to have brunch @ e Food (
if I didn't get it's name wrong).
Can't really decide what to eat. Honestly their food is okay but the proportion is HUGE!
Can't finish..
And the food a bit oily.
But anyway, thanks babe Luyi for the treat!!
After meal, I started to make up using Luyi's and Cyrus' accessories cause I didn't brought mine.
Cyrus helped me with my eye-liner and fake lashes.
Thanks to him!!

Karaoke comes next after brunch.

Here are some photos of the day >>

After the karaoke, they planned to go to the night market @ Sg. Long but sadly I can't make it cause I'm having an exam the next day.
So I called mom up and pick me.
I'm extremely glad that I got to know Luyi.
She's a thoughtful person. So thoughtful that she refused to leave me alone in the mall waiting for mom even though they may be late for their pasar malam.
Where could I find such a thoughtful person? :)

Oh, what a day!


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