Monday, October 26, 2009

My Photo Shooting Day


I always wanted to do a photo shoot. Not just camwhoring. As always, baby Luyi came up with this idea so, no doubt I'll say, " Y E S " !
After everything is well-planned (the photographer, the venue, the time and etc.), I learned that it's on Saturday 7 a.m. I knew I'd have to wake up early. But as early as 5 in the morning?
It's rare for me to wake up such eerily early!!

And why am I waking up that early?
Wash-ups, breakfast, make-ups and others are enough for me to take up hours!
Yet I wasn't asleep at 12 a.m. cause I kept thinking of the photo shooting the next day.
Can't help. Was so looking forward.

The next morning just after I washed-up, my baby gave me a sweet morning call to wake me up.
No don't get me wrong it's not my boyfriend who called, I'm happy-singled.

It's my baby Luyi.
She's a big baby that bounce around, talked so loud, jumping merrily, throw kiddie tantrums just to make you love her more. But there are always people who's so paranoid that feel uncomfortable with her acts and dislike her. Which is why like I said, only bffs know each other well
than others.
Don't judge someone with their appearance.

Appearances can be deceptive.

Alright cut the cackle and let's see my camwhoring photos.
My photo shooting's photos will be up soon as I get my hands on 'em.

Patient people, patient..

My first outfit.

Tricia & me

Changed our second outfit.

Heading to another venue.

Baby and Tricia

I may look odd in ponytail here but I swear it looked much better off-photo.

And please ignore my yellow flora earing.
I got an earing that match perfectly with the dress which is red and black in leopard
print but I'd never expect to wear this dress so I didn't brought along.

Okay that's enough!
All and other cam pix will be uploaded to my facebook.

Photo shooting was tiring as we posed for hours and we weren't familiar on what pose sho
uld we strike. In some shots we even looked so stoned!
But nevertheless it's also fun.
We had many shots in many different places like Luyi's balcony, on her sofa, behind curtains, swimming pool, playground, on the stairs and so on.
We went for dim sums after the shooting @ Connaught.

Baby and the photographer/ her upcoming-bf

we had porridge with preserved egg, fried dumplings with seaweed fillings, black and white spareribs, siew mai, fishballs and more fishballs.

I heard Tracia and baby gag around and I vaguely heard this.
Our next photo shooting theme?

___:: The BRIDAL ::___

** LOL **



  1. THE BIRDAL?! did i really said dat?! ahahahaa i;ve no idea..but those pics i reli pretty!!!! i wan mine!!! but it seems ken did nt gave me yet..:( wel wel, wat u mean soon to b her bf!? ahaha!

  2. n sorry for typo error, BRIDAL! ahaha~