Saturday, October 3, 2009


Golly those decorations at the mall wows me without fail every year!
I love those colorful lanterns especially those shaped in unique figures.
Used to play with the candles and would just held my lantern strolling around neighborhood, showing off to other kids and have fun with 'em when I was still in elementary school.
But not now anymore.

I had a wonderful family gathering this year.
Cause one of the points of this festive season is about family reunion.
Anyway for me, it's T-totally, unquestionably about mooncakes !!
Frankly I've been eating it since 2 months before.
Mommy kept receiving free mooncakes so we didn't bought any mooncake this year. I mean like, SERIOUSLY!!

I tried almost all the flavors mooncakes have and felt cool!
Aww my guilty pleasure!
Have totally no qualms on gaining weight!!

And I even drove down to KL buying stuffs for my sis and I after dinner.
The traffic was, as it will be, slow moving.
It was predictable as it's Saturday after all.
Oh, what a day..
Mom even treated us with sundaes!!

Happy mid-autumn festival folks!

p/s : While I was typing this post, I saw and heard beautiful, loud fireworks.


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