Sunday, March 21, 2010

Baby Luyi's memorable 18th Birthday Party!

And here it goes!
My big baby finally turned
Woah she's two weeks elder than me but still she calls me mami mammi. Aww you wouldn't knew how sweet her voice is.
Weeks before the big day was the plannings/organizing thing to work on. Cyrus big daddy helped a lot as I can see. The invitations card were so pretty!
I was true. Even the day before party, he and a few mates were still busy decorating and preparing stuffs for the party.

Kay lets move on..

A bouquet of 90 roses from the beau (Alex) to the lady (Luyi) ~

Burberry's Valentine's collection birthday cake is L♥VE.

~ Princess ~

Photos taken by dear Eyvonne.

Chee Weng had been super duper busy.
He grilled, served, cleaned, packed, fetched and been the biggest sponsored person to the birthday present(Burberry's tote) we chipped in for Luyi!
Amanda called him an Angel. She said she saw wings and a glowing halo on him. I saw it either :)

Dear Cyrus..

Kevin Koh

New friend-- Mico Be`

The 2nd photographer of the day --> Eyvonne Siau
** claps claps **


Wait a minute, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
In case you're still wondering, I realized I had none of the pix taken with my baby!

Catch up with my updates soon, people!

p/s: Carina, you're such a sweetie pie! And hilarious! YOU GOT HUGE BOOBS!


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