Friday, July 3, 2009


I was chosen to go for the National Service next year.
Why me ?
why why why
How did they pick us out ??
Is there any certain criteria to be picked to go for the N.S. ??
I need to clear things up here !!!!
Hellooo ?!!

Duh ~

I heard many things about the N.S. from various people.
Watched the N.S. reality program on TV just now.
What I saw on TV was fun, of course.
But is it really that fun or they just pick the fun part out so that the audience will think "Oh it's fun after all it doesn't seem to be that scary."

Frankly my first respond when I receive the text message as it to inform me that I'm among the chosen ones, stunned.
After a second from my momentum I just can't help but spilling out words like 'sh*t' and
'OH no' cause those are the only words I can retrieve from my vocab with my mind completely plain.
My friend, who was actually standing beside me, stunned too.
She stunned because of my reaction after I read the message.
I don't know what to do.

Mom says :'' Why were you being so unfortunate ?? Pity.. "
Yes I'm unfortunate indeed.
In the same time, I had another unfortunate event to share.
It's the national anthem singing thing in my school.
I'm not clear when did it started but every Monday during the assemble, each class take turns to sing the national anthem on stage to lead the whole students and teachers to sing and each class will only pick 10 students to perform.
And I'm the chosen one.
Seriously, if it's a singing performance I may probably accept but in this case we need to stand still with full patriotic sense and sing !!!
Oohh !!
Has anyone an escaping plan to share??
I need it so bad.

TWO unfortunate events in a row? Sure enough to make my head bigger.

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