Wednesday, August 5, 2009

stuck at home

It's all wet and dark today.
Looks like the Eye of Heaven doesn't wanna say 'hi' to us for today.
So he let the rain to say instead.

I didn't went to school today.
Was so tired and felt unusually dizzy.
I went back to bed after having my breakfast.

The weather was chilling.
I slept for another 2 hours before I wake up and find that Angel has already woke up, busy with her assignments.

She had a flu.
Mom decided to take her to the doctor but she refused.

I'm alone at home..
Angel went to school.
Nobody's around.
The house is so quiet.
I felt moody.
In the meantime I'm busy playing
Sorority Life @ facebook, hoping to increase my level as fast as I could.
Too bad my energy isn't enough to complete those social events.
aughh dammit.......
I uploaded my status @ twitter as well.

Nothing truly remarkable today.
Really nothing..


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