Wednesday, August 26, 2009


What noise is that ?!

While I was enjoying my slumber, drowning myself into sweet dreams, cuddling in my queen size comfort bed, I nearly have this heart attack that shocked me up!

I heard a MASSIVE sound it sounded as if the roof had fallen!
** B A N G G G **
The sound made me jump out of my bed and look outside the window to see what's going on.
By the time I catch a glimpse outside, I found the answer to my curiosity.
My neighbor's having a renovation.
Their roof's under construction, so it made sense to me right now.
I turned to my alarm clock and realized that it was SO effin early in the morning!!
8.30 a.m.
I should be sleeping at this hour!
I tried to go back to sleep and cover my ears with pillows.
Somehow, it doesn't save me from those sound pollution.
I put out a shout hysterically loud before I march out of my bedroom.... MADLY.
The sound's driving me mad!
I couldn't bear with it that I decided to just hid in my mom's bedroom all day!
Well unless when I'm hungry, I'll have to hurrily run to the kitchen and grab food, then I took two steps at a time to reach mommy's bedroom again.

Oh hells..
I was told that the renovation thinggy may last at least 2 days!
You know what that means?
I will not have a good night's sleep!
Really nerve-racking..
I mean, I'm a night owl.
I sleep very late at night which means I WILL NOT wake up before 12 p.m. the next day!!!
I think that explains pretty much to my dark eye ring.

By the way,
I'm hungry again. As I did always..
I can eat a horse right now!
No more cackle.
My agenda is to hunt food this moment.
Till the next!


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