Friday, August 21, 2009

Another semester ends.
Semester break starts... TODAY!
SPM Trial starts... TODAY!
(starts off with PSV)

So what kinda holiday does it gonna be ?
A holiday to stay at home studying?
For moments, yes.
Mostly? NO.

Anyhow, no doubt that study will occupy my one-week-break's schedule.
* sobs *
Well at least I still manage to catch some time relaxing. Hah!
I believe girls my age don't really take things serious.
They're like :" Woah! 2 more precious years, and my teenage chapter in my life will be over! "
Cause I have that thought as well.
I have to quote The Joker in this case.
Why so serious?

Oh and I found this video on youtube.
It made me crack up at the first line.
Then I couldn't help but laugh my heart out while listening.
It's a definite O-M-G-it's-ridiculously-FUNNY video.
Here I present you..

When you wash your body, wash your hands too!!

Toodles ~


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