Saturday, August 29, 2009

Let's play a love game.

I was singing "I Wanna" when my sister called out:
'' Yo sis who d'you wanna touch ? ''
" I wanna touch you! Can I ? "
" No! I don't wanna let you touch me! "
" Why not? Oh, I know. You probably just wanna let your Fungi Fung touch you. "
" Oh puhh-leease sis! Since when did you and mom were on the same channel ?! "
" We always are together. You're too busy texting your hubby and that's why you didn't realize.
" Grrr... He's SO not my hubby! And stop saying that 'hubby'. It makes me wanna puke!"
" Ahaha! Oh really? Aite I'll stop then.. "
" Good! "
" Hahahahahahaha.... Owhh.. hubbiee ~ ~ "
" .......... "

And that's my sis.
Notty as she is.
At the mild age of 14, enjoying her young teenage life.
I always make fun of her. I'm merry to see her angry face.
Which is very evil of me..
The more angry she gets, the more delighted I am.
By then I'll crack up and LMFAO.

I felt terrible every time after I laughed at her.
I felt like I insulted her.
I pretended like a spoilt child, trying to act cute and apologize to her.
Then we both laughed and she eventually forgives me.
I feel good having a sibling.

Meanwhile, my sister asked me:
" Sis, which song do you think nicer? Goodbye or Evacuate The Dancefloor? "
" Hmm... That's a tough question. But ooh I just lurrve Evacuate The Dancefloor!!! "
" Hey me too! "
" Yeah but why d'you ask ? "
" Nah.. Just to seek opinion. "
" Is that so ? ''
" Yeah. What could it be then ?? ''
" I may answer your question just now, but if you were to ask me choose between Kitty Purry and Ladiee GaGah, I couldnt! "
" But I could! I love K.P. What's that song again ? "
" Shut up and put your money where your mouth is..... "
" Hahahaha !! "

This post is mainly about conversations between me and Angel, and music as well.
My sis asked me to list out songs I've been listening recently.
Hope she'll be happy cause I follow what she insisted.

I gotta feeling
Evacuate the dancefloor
Love drunk
I wanna
Falling for you
Taking back my love
Be on you
Knock you down
How you love me now
Paranoid ( both Kanye West's & Jonas Bro's )
New Divide
Fly on the wall
I'd come for you
Please Don't Leave Me
Best I ever had
Mama Do
Deraming of the time
Good girls go bad
She wolf

and the list goes on...
Hope you're contented, sis!

love ya!


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