Saturday, August 22, 2009

waka waka wakaa
eeee heheheeee

OMG I'm crazy!
Totally went off the hook!
I don't know why..
But if I don't tell, people might think I'm in my orgasm.
Today's Sunday!

I watched the movie "The Women" yesterday.
Not bad.
And when I mean not bad, I mean it!
Nice movie, great cast, inspiring movie!
It was a 2008 flick.
Mommy bought it quite a long time but I seem 'too busy' to even bother to take a glance.
Then out of my boredom, while arranging my stuffs I found that DVD.
Now if you had seen that movie in it's 1939's original one, there was ABSOLUTELY
NO MALE CAST in the movie.
ALL FEMALE CAST aged 6 to 80!!

Here's the trailer :

Okay honestly, this movie's gonna be on my favorite list!


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