Saturday, August 29, 2009

Blisters !!

Trust me.
I don't mean to be so aggressive to post stuff so aggressive when I'm indeed aggressive.
The previous post is about what I've encountered in the morning which I was like shouting??
And now I'm shouting again.
YES I wanna shout OUT LOUD cause I feel like I'm so unfortunate and unlucky lately!
I got blisters on my lips!!
** OUCH **
It was when I felt swollen on my lips and it was painful when I lick it.
I dash to the mirror and realize blisters on my upper lips.
Oh, dear, blisters are no fun.
I've found myself with two small ones.
Blisters are different with ulcers.
It contains liquid under the epidermal which appeared in bumps.
I poked it.
I pinched it.
The bumps instantly turned into holes.
Will it eventually form a scar on my lips?!
It can't happen!
NO it can't!

I need help.
I need to heal it before it causes more pain to me.
This is so sad..
I'm so depress!


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