Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the morning cat stretches.

I kinda used to describe myself as a cat sometimes.
Oh speaking about cat, an IQ question came across my mind :

What does a cat do on stage ?

I found this question while I was reading a magazine way back while I was still in my primary's.
I'm not sure if you guys had already guess it before, but its answer's quite a cold humor..
At least to me.
So, you guys figured out ?
Oh don't worry I'll tell you the answer at the end of my post.
Wanna keep you guys reading till the end.

Breakfast was really awesome today.
I had mooncakes and bird's nest for breakfast!
Nutritious and delicious.
How I wish I could have them both each morning.
Here's the photo >>>

As I was chewing the bird's nest, I thought how great it would be if I could taste a bit of the bird's nest whenever I felt I wanted to eat something sweet.
Hence I'll replace candies with it.
Yet, on the other side I felt terrible.
A sense of remorse overwhelmed me on how many swallow would lost its dwell, and resort in building another nest, and then taken by humans again and again.

I actually paused eating while starring at the food.
Then I put it in the fridge and let someone else finish it.
Guess what?
It was half the proportion left.
It happened to be Angel (my lil sistaa) mop away the last drop of the bird's nest.

The answer is for the IQ is..
Doing CATWALK !!

Anyone got it correct ??


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