Monday, April 19, 2010


Is it possible that someone actually died of having ulcers?
Seriously I don't know what's with me.
I recovered from a terrible cold a week ago and now came the tormenting ulcers underneath my tongue.
My immune system is attacked once again. Three freaking painful x10000 yellowish ulcer!
It seems like the devil haven't finished with me yet.
My allowances are about to be used up. Hell like now's the 19th? And I left like 15% of my monthly allowances?!
So wadda heck am I going to shop for the rest of the month?! Or even to eat??
My sis's birthday is on the 29th. What can I expect myself to buy something decent for her?
So much ranting so much whining.
Fortunately mommy helped me with the book fees or else I'm gonna kill myself for spending so much on I-don't-know-where.
Seriously! I don't have a credit card cause mommy doesn't encourage me to use. But I guess she just doesn't wanna spoil me with it lol. You know the ladies...
Unlike high school, expenses were low cause foods sold in the canteen were cheap. But now?
Without at least a RM5 note in your purse don't you expect to have a well-satisfy meal. It's either you eat or you drink. You can't do more with less than RM5. I kid you not!
So don't laugh.


Too bad.
You laughed. So bye!

Not so fast, people!
I haven't finished ranting yet!
So sit down, hush and listen up.
You know there's this thing call decisiveness. OH I swear I want it so bad!
I can't make my choices on what to choose or which I like better.
In the pass, my decisions were made putting my needs and wants as my very first priority.
This case, situations different. I'm no longer in those days when I had to choose between a Barbie or a pink tote because in the end when I started throwing tantrums I get them both. Mostly were.
But not now. The little April has grown 18. See the fattest number there? The BIG 8 there?
 Where is my Guardian Angel?!
Okay, run along, peeps. Do come back again. Don't wanna hear me rant?
Well just pray for me then. Cause I had 3 pending birthday posts coming up which I don't wish to screw it and let aside.

Bless y'all dears and dearss


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  1. Aw April everything in life will work out great for you I'm sure! Just stay positive. Keep your head up girl!