Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Golf no boring NO.

When piggy boy first knew I was so into playing golf, he couldn't help but to laugh at me. Okay not only did he laughed, he teased about golf being so boring and mundane without excitement and so dull. He said golf is only a game for uncles and for socialising purposes that makes him dread! He thinks it's a dumb game. I was speechless. I could not bear to listen to someone who degrades golf as a game for nerds! I gave him a stern look. A face that looked like this (-.-) 
Okay it was just squishy eyes and lips pursed that is all.But it did wonders! Cause when i flashed my stoned look at him, he instantly changed his attitude and start pleasing me, hoping that i wouldn't be unhappy or get mad over it. And you know the way he made me smile was so cute and so warm that i wanted to hug him so bad. He even agreed upon playing golf together with me! Having someone who loathes golf so friggin much yet willing to give it a try for girlfriend's sake, my heart melted.  

Been playing golf since the age of 12, ever since daddy bought me a set of golf clubs as my birthday present that year, which I was tremendously shocked. Daddy would then bring us to the driving range at least once in a week and would coach us to play the game.

 Occasionally, I do shoot some balls once every full moon. Releasing this bottled up feelings within, more like venting my anger in every drive.

 Not to say I've found the thrill in playing this game but I wouldn't say no to it. I know dad was earnest about playing it and i think it's the business network he's after.

 All things aside. I do love the 'thud' sound when the club hits the ball! Gives me a sense of achievement. Though i know i hit not very far. At most 50m. And I got blisters before I manage to tackle all the golf balls in a bucket which is the way the balls are presented to us.
Anyway I still wouldn't give up :) 
 OH and thanks piggy boy for these candid pictures. Uhm the 3rd one wasn't candid as I was sticking my tongue out looking at the camera. 
 Till the next!




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