Monday, December 6, 2010

Youngest cousin's graduation performance day.

 The day before the graduation performance of my smallest cousin, mommy and aunt was so busy choosing and picking the right outfit for her to wear for her performance. But the dress code was somehow, I cannot accept it. It specified that girls should wear a spaghetti strap tank top or sleeveless top and tights for the bottom part of the outfit.
 I've never expected my life at Malacca (which is my momma's hometown and where my grandparents live) would be so excited! And I was never been told about this graduation performance day of my smallest cousin, which, if I were to know that she's going for a performance in school, I would  have brought all my make-up accessories and stuffs and borrow her my still-well-kept kiddy raiment to her! After all, there's no point letting those clothes stench and grow mould, right? Well not that I've not given most of them to her and her sister. Just, I still have those vewy vewy pwetty princess pinkish dresses hanging in my wardrobe which whenever I look at them, I have the strong urge to wear them. Thank goodness I'd control my quirkiness and crazy thought or otherwise..
And I had been awaken up since the break of dusk just to get her prepared! Make-ups, hairdos, styling, all-in-one! I had to admit that it was no easy feat. As everyone may think that a child's dressing up maybe simple and easy, well you might as well go try and comment it later.
So after those hurry-ups and on-again, off-again hair making, I got fed up and simply tied a pony tail plait. The pink headband which you'll be seeing in the pictures below, was a very, I repeat, VERY last minute decision. I was actually about to put it on my head but I then realised it was best suited for he, since she was wearing all-pink.
Shall I introduce, this is my youngest cousin. Her name's XinYing. 6 years and 2 months old.
Naughty but cute. Bites when being annoyed. Approach with caution. Her weapon: the voice. Piggy boy told me that her voice sounds like a doll. Indeed, her dolly voice was a gift from heaven. If only heaven would minus the missy-arrogant attitude of her. Ahh can't blame. She's the youngest of them all!


This is my second smallest cousin who's also at the age of 6. Just a few months elder than XinYing.

  Little poser illustrated a "10". Don't know what it meant though.

  Baby talks?

 Story telling.

   And the performance starts! I would name this as "The Fishing Song". Cause this song is about a kid with a fishing rod weighted on his shoulder happily goes fishing in a sunny day and caught lots of kind of fish including a gold fish, a  tortoise, a mermaid, and a shark! Climax rose when the kid caught the shark where they went running around as though they were running for their life to avoid the fierce shark! 


And this was the time where the kids were handed their graduation certificate from the Director of the kindergarten. 


And that was the day for the graduation! Few days later a fancy dress party was held but sadly I came back to KL or else I would have dolled her up as her favourite princess character! But having to attend such an event, it really serves as an eye-opener to me as this was far more different from the annual performance of my pre-U that I've been going to. Nevertheless, despite the over-packed small venue which I would suggest the graduation to be held in bigger halls, it was one enjoyable day I spent with my little cousin as I have never done anything like this before in my current life!



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