Wednesday, July 21, 2010



for anyone who couldn't stand cuteness just press ctrl+ W button and hush :)
REMEMBER, you have been given a fair warning :))

It all started off at last Friday, when May Ann didn't join me for lunch after Econ class. Reason was because Lin Sheng owed her McDonald's so she went to claim her prize. Hence Rachel and I went eating together. FYI, us three are the usual threesome for lunch every Mon & Fri cause we have the same class on those days namely Econ & Law. So it went on until I came back from lunch and marched into the classroom when the first thing came into sight was May Ann sitting in front with a bunch of dudes and sorta like chit-chatting. After few minutes after I approached her, she handed me this plastic-wrapped up thiggy I can see very obviously it was another toy from McD's Happy Meal.... until I unwrapped it and found such a CUTE BUNNY!
Hence the climax :)
I took a hell lot of pix with this particular Sugarbunny named Shirousa cause i thought how adorable it was!

Shirousa with her owner and moi.
Or I should say, like toy, like owner 
(can't you see the ownership inheritance in both of them? They're both CUTE!) haha!

This pic was taken yesterday with my new Sugarbunny-- Momousa!
OH MY GOSH she's in PINK!

My instant reaction when I saw it was..
Okayy I think I held my breath for like 2 sec when I saw Momousa on my table!!
She knew how much I fancy pink stuffs and cute stuffed toys.


Well seriously I think I'm gonna flunk my LAN exam tomorrow cause I can't help blogging and Facebooking. Screw that sub! UGH
I need HELP! Immediate helpp ~~



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