Saturday, July 17, 2010

 Random Outing with a sexy brunette

A day after my maiden outing with dear May Ann, I went out with Cing Cing. A very random and abrupt decision after we received the announcement that accounting class has been called off. Since Tuesday, this would be the 2nd accounting class for th week and guess what? Our truly respected accounting lecturer aka Mr, PMS Jasal has not been attending both! FYI, we have only two accounting classes for a week, hence it means no more accounting class for the week!!......Not till Yu Tze finished his line by saying we have an extra class on this coming Saturday, which is so potong-steam lohh! Anyways I'm still okay with it.
While was handing notes to Yu Tze, I somehow find myself lazy and resorted sitting down chatting with the gang and that was when Cing suggested that we go catch a movie so I said why not? Since we came so early to college for accounting class and now that it has been canceled. Furthermore LAN class is in the noon so we went to the nearest cinema to kill time instead of getting ourselves rotted in the college doing something mundane :P

Few photos of the day:

Started off by showing y'all...
The sexy BRUNETTE--Cing!
p/s: I basically quoted Fatin by addressing her 'the sexy brunette'. HAHA

Cing's HOT!


Here comes the bad news..
Our initial plan was to watch Inception but who would have knew.. that timing is the devil causing us to forgo our decision for movie!! The earliest showing time was at 12.20pm and we were there like 10am?? And of course we couldn't see any movies at that time cause we're having LAN class at noon! The duration will prolly take at least two hours and we really couldn't make it and can't imagine if we were to bear the consequences for being late to class! So we went around and did little shoppings. Alas the day~
Nevertheless we both enjoyed hanging out! And I've learnt that we both have quite an amount of same things in common. Well that's a very long story to tell the commons..
Oh and did I mention that this was also my very first time hanging out with Cing?



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