Thursday, June 18, 2009

**big sigh**

From now on, nothing matters much more than my academic achievements.
Nothing will do.
Nothing will interfere with my future.
Nothing will stand in my way to succeed.

Fed up with all that shit-look results !!
I'm whining.
Yes I am.
Please allow me to.

I got a 'B' for my add maths.
If I get another 2 marks, I would have got an A2 !!
68 => B !!
What could possibly be more worse than that ??
At least to me.
This is unconceivable.
You call this as flying colors ?
I don't think it is.

Felt weary of scrimmaging with myself every time.
Especially during the exam.
If you think that I've gone too far away from being excessive,
think again.
It's always the same issue, boring and stuffy.. Never ran out of trend.
But that's not good in this case.
It's call the---SPM.

What will you feel ?
Once you, as a form 5 student heard about this on-it's-way-to-be-a-phrase word umpteen times?
Guess there's no need for me to figure it out.

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