Friday, June 19, 2009

What could I feel now ??

I ranked number 8 out of 43 in my class.
I've never get such an achievement since my history when I first stepped in middle school penned down.
and Out Of The Blue !!
My first bff in my life contacted me and we catch up things we've been neglected for ages.
What's more ?
Father's Day !!
This year, I'll be celebrating it at Malacca.
According to mom, she said that this year's Father's Day means more than crucial to her.
and why is it ?
My grandpa fainted out of a sudden recently.
He had been sent to the hospital.
The doctor said that he encountered a heart malfunction.
3 arteries in his heart was clogged up.
Our tears rolled down...
plus, his cholestrol level worsen.
Double attack at a time !!
My mom was never happy when she got told by my aunt.
What could I feel ?
Involving in 2 happy incidents and 1 unhappy incident.
Or I should ask '' Oh mighty GOD! Could You be kind enough to let me plot my destiny just for once ? At least to cross out those unhappy things in my life. "
I said it and I mean it.
I hope GOD hears me.

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