Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shopping Spree at Genting First World Plaza

Remembered I told you that I sensed something good is about to happen on me ?
So it did !!

Finally I can shop till I drop !!


Few days ago I was in Malacca then back to KL then straight away headed to Genting Highlands yesterday (10/6/09).

Stayed there for 1 night at Highlands Hotel.

It happened out of a sudden when I almost forgotten that I have a G
enting trip the next day cuz I'm severely fatigued since I got back home from Malacca until the next day morning my aunt gave me a wake-up call. Isshhh ~ Tat phone call saved me.

Right now maybe I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Up to the hill.

Make-ups done.

Pose happily.

and off we go !!

Oo lalaa~ MNG is having a craze SALE !!!
Hurried now yo girls !!!

We went to Noodle House for our dinner.
Gosh.. They totally made a high profit for foods at Genting. A bowl of curry laksa costs RM11 excluding taxes !!!
I can get at least 3 bowls in KL at that price.
Should have gone to McDonald's for dinner.
With almost the same price I can get a burger, refillable coke and the oh-so yummy french fries !!
Shopping came next after dinner.
We roamed throughout the mall, hunt for stuffs and treated ourselves with Baskin Robin's ice-cream and went back to our hotel.
We came back to our room at 11+ p.m. cuz we're about to wake up early the next morning.
We didn't went for the outdoor theme park nor the indoor theme park all bec
ause I want shopping.
** haha **

And here are the photos I took before I sleep using my coussie's cell phone.
** without make-ups **

Is my complexion a little too fair ?
My friends address me as a corpse or white ghost lol.

An ugly pic. Go ahead. Laugh all you want.

Kissie ~
Nights everyone.


Shopping Spree (PART 2) at KL Time Square

Morning after breakfast, we bathed, got changed, packed up and off we go !!

Bye Bye Genting..
Hello again, KL !!

Seriously I did not sleep well last night. I'm fr
I caught a flu and my nose kept running that I used up 2 packets of tissue paper.
As I'm too lazy to get up and throw away those used tissues, I placed them on the side-table. So it happened to be all over the side-table and some fallen onto the ground.
I think it's mostly the air that caused my nose uncomfortable.
Germs and bacterias in the atmosphere.
I used to have an air filter at home though.
How bad that it isn't handy to bring along.

Okay cut the crap and lets return to the main.
My coussie found a job as a beautician hence we shop for formal wears.
She wants me to help her pick and choose those formal garments for her so I did.
We shop shop and shop until my beautiful aunt rang up to inform us that we're rushing over time.
She said that it's gonna rain pretty soon and urged us to be hurry cuz our vehicle parked in a non-shelter place.
Me n my coussie of course, don't think that we're gonna make it in an hour for shopping.
We're like : '' An hour ?!! What to shop ??! What to buy ?!! Impossible lah !!
Yea impossible indeed.
To me, I need at least 3 hours for shopping. I said at least.
And very soon, it rained.
So we rang my aunt and see whether she's still rushing or not.
Hah, how irony. Now she said we can take our time to shop.
So we resume our hunt for formal-wears and went for dinner at around 6 p.m.

To conclude, I really had a great time!!
Shoppings aside, I do enjoy moments with my families.
We created and shared moments together. And together, we created a big heap of fun!!


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