Monday, September 20, 2010

 Fatin's Smudged-up 18th Birthday

 It was on the September 5th! When my college mates invited me to join in the birthday bash of the dearest, most welcomed, crankiest, most hyperactive, gleeful, noisiest, sunshine, wacky-tacky, outrageous,mental, bizarre-- FATIN NAJIHA aka the Korean maniac!
She was also the one who celebrated my first 18th birthday with me in college, though I've celebrated with couples of friends later at night. She's the usual birthday bash organiser of every close friends of hers in college possible. This time, it was our turn to give her an unforgettable birthday!


Pressie from Cing-Cing

THE Besties :DD
point: look at Fatin's cream-smudged face! She even wiped everyone's face with the cream of the cake! Pity her outfit. Specks of cream were being casted on her cardigan and her tudung.
Creams are hard to be washed aren't they?


This guy's Eric Lee. He probably has a massive stomach. After eating his Mi Sedaap (which is an Indian style fried noodle) and a few wantons, he had his very big piece of chocolate cake. For desserts maybe?
But oh boy.. I don't know about you guys but whenever I had cheese cakes or chocolate cakes, most of the time I can't really finish them up cause after eating a few portion of the piece of cake, I have this feeling like throwing up and hence quit eating.

Aww the sweetiess 

ze Birthday pwincess & yours truly


WoOhOoo ~



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  1. thank you darling!it was the best birthday!love you lots!xoxo