Friday, May 21, 2010


Hi all, 
Just an update of my life, so far. 
So we're already half way through the month of May. I do felt sorry for not updating more often. A lot of times I'd feel like updating but just being procrastinated by my pure laze.
I mean like, if it wasn't for procrastination, there wouldn't be anything to do tomorrow! *laugh out loud*
Plus it's been quite a busy month for me as assignments and preparations are pouring in non-stop.
Ohh I REALLY miss those days when all I want to do is watch a movie, text my best friend ans fall asleep on the couch.
That, was actually what I did normal during high school days! Enjoying carefree days and feel the stress only when exam is in like, 1 week's time? I could go on and on recalling my previous 5 years' life but decided to look forward to life albeit it's indeed very nice of a nostalgia to savour. Especially when you have siblings who are still in high school, it automatically reminds you of your life during those days without fail.
Till now I still have my white collar-tee and my blue pinafore well-kept in my closet. Though every once in a while I'll have the thought of disposing it away or perhaps giving it away for charity but then realised I have so much memories sealed within this set of uniform that accompanied me come rain or shine for the pass 5 years. FYI, I have 5 sets of uniform altogether because I went to the tailors and made new pinafores every 2 years when I notice that the colour has faded off. If only they would change the very old and classic blue into pink, and I would have crazily anticipate to go to school everyday, you would have thought I'm utterly insane!
So much for high school days...
I remembered I first complaint about college is on the first week of orientation. I clearly remembered that night when a friend of mine who's already enrolled to college in January, consoled and abated me by telling how should we enjoy college life and what is it about college. Now that I recall it I shockingly find how funny it was to have someone your age, who just started college life not very long ago, actually telling you about the philosophy of life in college! *lmao* Seriously I felt that I'm such a pessimistic human being who doesn't care about anything nor giving a flying hoot and just vent and whine and complain about whatever seem wrong to me. Time to change :)
Latterly, considering the biggest, or might as well say, the most significant thing happened in my recent life was that I have decided to drop Business Studies as my extra subject. Well I know. Now just before you narrow your eyebrows and re-read the fore mentioned sentence and finally confirmed the info you get was right all the way and started widen your eyes asking 'why'.. The subjects I've chosen for A-Levels is very bulky. Though Business Studies is indeed quite useful to us in the sense that having basic knowledge about business doesn't harm us in any way. Very hard was this decision is to make but I've put this to an end anyway.
Now that I feel relieved and have more time to study on other subjects, this way I think I've made my right decision.
 WOW it's almost 1am I think I am the most diligent blogger ever to update my blog till this late!
As if I were a diligent blogger! haha
 Kay pals gtg catch some zeds before it's getting even late.
 For a nice complexion's sake!





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  1. u stil can hv such activities n bobbies while u r not tat busy ma..haha..

    fr james