Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Anger in short means DANGER

  Why am i so bad luck? Why is everything on Earth going against me? 
WHY is that I can't grab hold of what I intended to have?
Why is that everything is not going according to my wish?
Why is my confidence being hit so hard?
Why do i feel like crying NOW but can't cry out loud?
Why is that even my emotions are playing a fool with me?
Why are my efforts ended up to be futile and useless?
Why is all the time I've spent with you in the end seems to be a waste of time?
Why does every expectation hurt me so bad?
Why do i have umpteen numbers of questions to be cleared out?
Why can't this thing end anytime soon?
And why so many why-s?
What the deuce.

I want my life the way I wanted it to be. If I could have a twist in time, I would definitely make the RIGHT choice. Good things appear are normally deceptive. They's like a devil wrapped in candy jacket. I should've knew it. Is it too late for me to know it now? I'm uncertain.
But i know that i must chin up, brave myself into the sea of sharks, take it in stride. Every action has an equal reaction. Hence i will put on a smile. Albeit a fake one, let alone a sincere one, my poker face will always be on display.
I should not have altered my decision in the very first place. The road not taken is sure better than the road less travelled. This i can assure.
There are moments in our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroad, afraid, confused, without a road map. The choices we make can define the rest of our days.

Regret? Oh yes.. Sure i regretted. And i'm sick of being in a cranky, stress and tension mode whenever I have a slight thought about the subject matter. I can have all my feelings listed out in prose form. One thing is, none of them are nice.
Put it this way, I'm not feeling good. And i bite. Yes. I bite thought it doesn't help much to mitigate the severe  strikes i've sustained deep down inside. Yet i bite.

Never mind. Things are ending. Not too soon, but it eventually will.
Emotions will NEVER take over me. Pessimistic will NEVER rule me. Life is so much bigger than that.
The day is going to come where i can tackle and punch it in the face and pompously marched away nose upwards with a tinge of proud and victory written on my arse on the outside of my skin tight shorts that says
Dang! you lose! Serves you right :))


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