Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An abrupt family trip

This is a long-long-ago post. It's a December post to be precise.
Days after the Kukup trip, dear Uncle Wong won the lottery and us people, especially my aunt shouted out cheerfully saying: " Let's GO for another vacation! This time, it's HIS treat!! "
Another trip. AGAIN!
How fun it was to see the adults chattering and planning for the trip. Grandpa hasn't any idea on where to go while my dear little cousin came up to the idea of going to Penang Island.
And Penang it is.

We had meal before we started our 4-hours-journey to Penang.

Our hotel--Red Rock Hotel.

The lobby.

In da room.

Had supper at a nearby hawker stall.

Local famous delicacies.

It was quite late by the time we reached Penang. Everyone was in a blurry mode cause we've been sitting in the car for a freakin four hours!

And here comes... DAY 2

We got up early and had breakfast at this hawker stall opposite our hotel.

Then we headed to Kek Lok Si temple.


My coussie & moi

Part of my families.

The Snake Temple is our next destination.

And then we went back to the hotel for some rest.
The kids went for a swim in such a hot and sunny day.
Really refreshing.

Then we went for a ride around the town.

At dusk, we came to this inn for karaoke..

Day 2 was so fruitful. We even sneaked some time out to Queensbay Mall and did some shopping!



This is so unlucky.
Day 3 isn't fun at all. In fact, it's so SO so lame.
Some of us woke up late that morning due to the night parties we went the night before.
So after we woke up and had brunch, we headed back home.
Sounds boring, huh?
Yeah it was.
But what happened after this will make your jaws drop deep down especially when you see the photo.
Listen up. Our car broke down in the midst of the highway and everyone has to get down from the car in order to let the driver we hired change the faulty tyre with a spare one.

Serious damage.

I heard what you said.
I've heard lotsa WAHs and Oh-My-GODs whenever people see this.

Without further delay, we went to the mechanic's at Ipoh. Though this would mess up our schedule and wasting our time but hey, who would wanna have any other faulty tyres or brakes to have us worry while we wanna reach home in one piece?

If you ask me whether this trip was fun, I'd say yes.
Another Count Olaf wannabes place it's eye on me.
Can't tell much.
Till then ~



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