Monday, January 25, 2010

When I'm off-blog.

I was in a depress mode since the day when I realized that the day where my dear Cyrus and babe Luyi were about to go for their National Service program were just a few days left.
Thought that this might be the end for now cause after they had went to their respective camps, I shall settled down and get myself a job. Get what I mean? No?
That means I'll have to cut down outings and shoppings
lah.. *ishh*
Oh yes and let me blog a little about my first job in this
**dazzling** twenty-ten year with my clone--Stefanie Chen aka ShinChen.
Haha! As if she really was my clone. Heh.
Well, we're not biologically clone but we pretty much share the same things in common. Instances are the personality and state of mind and oh even the usual likes when we shop together.
You see, common grounds is what pull us together I must say. Be it in friendship or in a relationship. It really does matter.
So we got ourselves to be promoters for this tiny fair held in 1 Utama on a weekend.
Just before you assume we earned a lot (cause promoters most likely have their basic wage range from a minimum of 50 bucks onwards), hold everything. In fact, at the end of the day, what we both got was a pair of muscle-sore legs and a pityful amount of 5 bucks! FOR A DAY!! A whole bloody day! And boy you know what? This is the worst part: We almost absolutely got
no pay for that day, if it wasn'tt that kind Indian family bought one of the products from us! That 5 bucks is the dividen from the profit for the two of us!
This is shitty crappy effy cow dung!
But perhaps it was ourselves to blame for. We should have asked for the exact amount of pay before we started working. Sometimes, not every person you think they're nice are trustful. Especially when they really look like good people. Like I said, appearances are deceptive! Now proved that I'm 100% true!
What an unauspiscious start..
Alright. Let's just take it as one painful experience we've got through. This is my maiden promoter experince anyway! Mmm-mm.
Not good.  Dear ShinChen even swore that she'll never ever take up promoter as a job.
Heavy tone honey, watch it. Haha. She's cute.
Okay. Chapter closed.
What's next?

I somehow flick through my photo albums and found this pic but before that, let me tell the story.
It was last's year happening but then again, I was slow.
It had been SUCH A LONG TIME since the last time I attended our primary school's friends gathering. When was last time's reunion?
Ahh... Bout 2-3 years ago? And I remembered not all of us went to that gathering. This time's even worst! There were only
4 of them excluding me. Now, what's a gathering with FIVE (I'm in) people has to do? Things gone real awry when me and Cyrus decided to leave, left just the trios in the karaoke room. Call it an outing instead of a gathering shall we?
Am so dead.

My eyes obviously haven't done make up yet.

Baby Cyrus~
Why my skin tone so dark one?
But MAN i TOTALLY LOVE that pair of lens!
And you of course..

More to blog.
Stay tune kay~
Don't give me that look!
I'm serious this time!!
Wouldn't laze off anymore.
*clears throat*
Unless if I'm working lol.



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