Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unlike others

Right seriously, I don't often blog about my little outings with friends if it ain't one special. But on this day, I made a new fiend and what's more happy is that I got to see my best friend--
This sudden buzz I received from her pepped me up a lil as I was darn friggin boring at night waiting for bedtime and would zannily thought:
Ohh days pass so quick I'm growing up so quick I'm so old already just like an idiot enough pity.
** LMFAO **
Without dilly-dally I got changed into my casual apparel in a rocket-speed and waited for Su H. to come pick me up. Again, I was late. As always, but not that I wished for.
** eeeks **
Our rendezvous-- Look Out Point.

New friend in town.

Miao Yun &
ze Princess of apes
(it's what weiwen used to call. And I'm definitely not fond of it!)

Her warm bod temp makes me think of my momma instantly.
I think the secure feel has something to do with it too.

There there.
Meet Victoria everyone. This the the girl who had influence on me.
If it wasn't her, I think I'm already a cureless bad egg.

I came up with the idea bout having our second round to the pub. Felt so happy that night I wanna gulp champagne!
Anyhow we did not make it cause Vic has very tight curfews to follow. Sad-nye~
And on the bright side? She promised me she'll go next time!
I went all delighted again.


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