Friday, May 22, 2009

5 more days

One week gone and 5 more days to go.
I mean the days left for the exam to be ended of course.
There's nothing for me to do but to endure it and to do my very best.

Today's my add math paper. Weee ~
This is the first time i manage to finish all the questions on time with like 20 minutes spare time and i think this is the very 1st time that i know how to answer the questionss.
I used to afraid add math so so much previously that every time i weep before the add math exam.
Since this year, well probably because I've done so many skill practices as well as revisions and exercises, my hard work does pay off !!
At least I'm not as weak as my last year's performance on add math despite I
've lost at least 11 marks due to my carelessness, I still feel good !

What's left for the next 5 days ?
Let me check my exam schedule..
accounts and science and history and math and add math and economy and malay and english.
hope that i didn't miss something out.
For me, it's more than enough to sit for 12 subjects during this mid-year examination.
Enough Enough !!!
simply enough.
Besides i hadn't the remote idea on why should form 5 students sit for the P.E. and P.S.K. exam as we should focus on only those subjects which we're gonna tak
e for SPM.
No one wishes to WASTE their precious time on those least-than-minor subjects after all right ??
Someone really should suggest the M.O.E. lol.

After school today I went home as bored as usual.
My My ~~
The weather's gettin more and more hot !!
Then it reminded me of the responsible of us humankind to play our part in the measurement to save the environment.
Once I reached home this afternoon I soon received a phone call from dear mom.
She said that she was on her way home and asked me out for lunch.
Off we go !

I love spending quality moment with mom.

The other thing today is that i downloaded tons of new great hitz !!
Usually i refer to the Billboard chart to download those new hitz. Undeniably, Billboard always picks out the right song for us all. Let me share something here, I've been listening to Billboard hitz since i was 9.
And that's been ages ago.
Yeah you're right I'm a die-hard fan for great musics be it contemporary or older blues. As long as it's music then I'll listen, I'll feel it. Genre doesn't matter to me.

That's all about today.

Till the next post.


On the way heading to school.

Out for lunch.

Camwhoring in the car.

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