Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reasons to create.

I don't know how on Earth am i gonna say this and how i'm gonna explain this but..
gimme a try.

First, i was influnced by friends around me. But i managed not to let them take control of ma feelings.

Then, there was juz sumthin about me. I mean.. Well maybe here is where i am to express my self though.

Thirdly, duh ~ i'm gettin' worse !! I need a secret yet private 'refuge' to shelter me from the storm. Then it strikes me that perhaps when you're in blue-moody circumstances, blogging could be a remedy to ease off your hard-feelings.

Fourth, well, apparently there's no more reasons i can come out with. I mean.. Yeah if i overlook the fun to share with, the fact that this is a place you get to know people more intimately and blaa ~ (in my word, it means 'etc.' Hahah) , I don't have much more to say.

Dash here.


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