Thursday, May 28, 2009


So yeah the heading tells it all.
Welcome back babe..
So now I can sleep sleep and just sleep like nobody's business !!!
** Teehee **

Well holiday..
2 weeks = 14 days
if it includes weekends then it'll be 16 days !!
it's quite the same amount of days for us to have our mid-year examination !!
so it's kinda coincidence eh ??

I've actually sorted out a list of things-to-do during-t
he-holidays before this.
You may say that I'm sorta too quick and anxious but yeah I simply can't wait for the holidays to come.

Oh ~
time has come.
gotta kick back & relax ~
One of my most-important-thing-to-do is to heal my dark eye ring !!
I've been burning the midnight oil from the p.m.'s to the a.m.'s since the exam started..
boy ~

I slept for only 4 hours+ a day for the past 2 weeks ya know ??
no wonder i get a slight migraine everyday especially
during the exam.
Lucky me that I didn't let it affect my performance in the exam.
so now i decided to treat myself better indeed.

Outings, parties, karaokes, & shoppings are a-
must despite the fact that it means i'll have to spend more $$ in entertaining, well i choose to convince myself and think to the bright side rather than keep on worrying about the huge expenses.
haha now i'm skipping out from down-to-earth and skipping in to the virtual life.
But it's all for just some period of time.

man i have to say this.

this noon after my bath i did something abruptly.
i ransacked my closets and discovered that i've actually owned TONS of NEW CLOTHES i haven't wore before and it's all hidden above of my upper closet!!!
It's all brand new and besides it seriously wasn't outdated as they were the
must-have apparel for 2009 !!!
oh my gosh oh my gosh !
I've found 5 high-waist skirts which are so
in this season that my mom bought in Japan ages ago !!!
so i spent this whole noon just to dig out what's hidden in my closet (note that my closet was specially created and made as it joins to my wall from the ground to the ceiling so i actually climbed to see wh
at's there on top and frankly it was so high from ground !) and mix matching my tops to them.
Here i present you my closet ~

wondering what's behind those doors? CLOTHES OF COURSE !!

Apart from those trendy high-waist skirts, I've also found quite numbers of pretty one-piece dress !!
how exciting that it ignited my enthusias to look for more.
who knows maybe i'll found
treasures ??

Last but definitely not the least,
Happy Teacher's Day to all my affectionate teachers as well as teachers around the Earth.
Thank you so much for your contribution to us cause without you the world's not like as what it seems today.

You made us.
You formed us.
You loved us.

We will keep up the best in return


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