Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Text Battle

When I was typing this post, I was smiling ear to ear with a slight sense of complacency.

Yesterday after I came back home from school, I started texting this Mr.WW to find out whether he checked out my blog. Then I realized I haven't gave him my site. Ok. Site given. Few moments later, he texted me and said he saw my blog. I responded him and ask him how was it. He said that all he can see is just a huge picture of me in the background. Once I read the message I was like : What ?!! Where did the words gone ?? and I even thought about my account being hacked or something. After the explanation process I wished I could smack him on the back when he said that he browsed my blog via his cellphone.
"U should buy a new cellphone !!" I said.
"What for ?" he asked.
"To fit in the 21st century dude !! Your cellphone is lousy." I replied but that doesn't mean I slighted his cellphone.
"Well as u don't know, I was using my iPhone
3G to browse your blog." he claimed it and obviously he was lying.
Well, since he lied to me then I decided to lie in return.
"Oh yeah ? Where did your iPhone originated from? Chxxa?? Mine is from America ya noe? "
Ok I really didn't mean to tell lie.. I really didn't and I don't know why I say all sorts of things I never thought I would say. He texted me back after quite a while.
"Chip made in Mars, keys made in Pluto, cover made in Jupiter, specially vulcanised by the Sun, system imported from another galaxy, connection perfected in the Black Hole finally deliver to my doorstep by Luke Skywalker. Yours? "
Alright people. This is how things turn out if one doesn't draw back one step since the unevitable battle starts. The other side will indulge in things more absurd than you can ever thought about. So I decided to draw myself out of this conversation.
" I don't see things made in the Universe the best. Can't even connect to the internet and load a full page ?? It's even lousier than I expected. " I said.
And this is my last message to him as he did not reply me. See?? So next time when someone nasty started to say something ordinary people wouldn't say, try your best to make them speechless with your fluent and wisdom and a logic sense. Make them overwhelm !!

Lucks for you.


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