Thursday, May 14, 2009

my first post.

Wheee ~
This is my first post. Bet u don't know that it's half past one in the moning right now and i'm still blogging !!

Right. Back to the subject.

Frankly, I'd wish i share things about me on those older days that i've been through.For instance like Mother's Day, my birthday, my sis's birthday. Those memorable events just passed not longer than 2 months. How fast time has left its footprint on us!
I feel emotional when i recall those things.

One just one more thing to mention for today is about my mid-year examination.
few days to go !!!
Must really start to pull my socks and be prapared.
And I've no idea how am I gonna get rid off my feeling of tense. Any effective ways to suggest ?

Oh my gosh it's 2.10 .m.
Think I'd better go get some sleep.

Sugar dreams..



  1. wow~write blog zor wor~^^
    1st ppl giv comment~ yeah~*~* (>.<)*

  2. Wish u all the best in your exam...^^